Monday, May 18, 2015

Internet of Things conference 2015 - hackaton

My friend Julien and I presented a mini-project at the Internet of Things 2015 conference in San Francisco, as part of the hackaton. Here are the Slides as well as part of the code .

Project summary

Essentially the project was about designing a "smart thrash" that gives an alert (email, SMS) when something other than what the bin is supposed to contain is being dumped - i.e., plastic in a a compostable bin that should only contain food.


Technically, the project consists of :

- a Tessel microcontroller
- a Tessel mini-camera sensor
- an AI tagging API, from AlchemyAPI
- code in JS/Node.js

This project attempts to demonstrate the easiness with which different API, even hardware, can be connected together in a seamless way to quickly build prototypes.